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Tarisland, a non-P2W MMORPG, features raids as well as challenging dungeons. Tarisland, a PC/mobile MMORPG that is not P2W, features raids, a wide range of classes and builds, as well as a large world to explore. Myths are true, ghosts do exist, and magic has no doubt. Tarisland MOD APK free download the Latest Version now from our website. If you want to download the Omega Legends MOD APK. Then you can easily download it from our website. You can select from a variety of races with their own unique abilities and skills, and then embark on an epic journey full of mystery.

Tarisland MOD APK
Game Lobby

Tarisland MOD APK Features:


You can choose from a variety of classes that are fully customizable and create your own character. Each class offers two different specializations, with each having over 40 talents. This allows you to create a character that suits your preferences and style of play.


Tarisland offers a wide range of rewards and dangers. Join four allies to fight monsters and bosses in instanced dungeons. You can also form a team of 10 players to take on the most powerful Raid BOSS in Tarisland. Your choices in Tarisland will determine your fate, just like they do for everything else.


Tarisland is a place of adventure for all those who step foot on the island. You will uncover mysteries from an ancient, wondrous history. Discover and explore diverse races and civilizations, each with its own culture, history, and character style. Tarisland rewards those who are more adventurous by offering random puzzles and mini-games.


Tarisland is a game that aims to be a sustainable and high-quality ecosystem. No attribute-enhancing items will be sold.


Tarisland’s progression is based on the seasonal system. This offers new content for PvE and PvP. The ability to catch up will allow players to begin questing with their friends at the start of each season.


Tarisland allows for full interaction between mobile and PC devices. The PC version offers a customizable user interface.

Tarisland MOD APK
Game Interface

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.1.4?

Last updated on Nov 13, 2023.

  • Tarisland is still a development and testing version.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version            1.1.4

Requires Android      Android 6.0+

Tarisland MOD APK FAQs

1. Will Tarisland be global?

Tarisland, a non-P2W MMO from Tencent in a Western fantasy setting, will launch on PC and mobile globally in 2023.

2. Who is making Tarisland?

As the studio prepares to test the fantasy MMORPG Tarisland, is reworking and tweaking the game. According to Tencent’s developer blog, the studio has recently removed certain secondary attribute types from characters in order to improve the PvE experience.

3. Is Tarisland available on PC?

Tarisland will be available to players anytime and anywhere with cross-progression, cross-play, and a customizable interface. Level Infinite, Tencent’s global gaming brand.

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