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In a sci-fi shooter, you can fight in a virtual environment and use your abilities. Omega Legends is an action-packed sci-fi shooter that takes place in the near future, where “O” (the game) has taken over the world! Choose a Hero to use their skills and defeat the competition. You can choose to fight solo or with your friends in a battle with 100 participants. Omega Legends MOD APK Free Download the latest version now from our website. Do whatever it takes to survive! Hunt down your enemies, set up defenses, or stealthily approach them.

Omega Legends MOD APK
Game Lobby

Omega Legends MOD APK Features:

Distinct Heroes With Unique Abilities

Heroes with different abilities that suit different playstyles. In the right hands, any Hero can dominate the battlefield! There is a Hero for every strategy, whether you like to play defensively, heal, or use rush attacks. You can use the Heroes’ abilities to win every match.

Battle In Different Modes

Play in different modes! In the classic Survival Mode, you can fight to be the last person standing, or in the new Covert Operation you have to outwit your opponent and outlast them!

Large-scale multiplayer battles

Beautiful maps are used as the backdrop for massive battles. Terrain changes during battles to create an immersive experience. Covert Operation is a new game mode that allows you to defeat each enemy in one blow.

The Gunplay is Realistic

Choose from a variety of guns modeled on real guns. Each has its own unique traits, allowing for a truly unique shooting experience! You can choose from a variety of weapons, such as highly destructive Fragmentation Grenades and Flashbangs to reduce visibility and explosive Landmines.

Fair and Fun Experience

Omega Legends has been optimized for smooth gameplay across all devices. We maintain fair competition with our anti-cheat and no-weapons-selling policies.

Omega Legends MOD APK
Game Interface

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.0.77?

Last updated on Mar 11, 2021.

  • Various bug fixes.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version       1.0.77

Requires Android      Android 5.0+

Omega Legends MOD APK FAQs

1. What is the best gun in Omega Legends?

Sniper Rifles are the most powerful weapons available in Omega Legends. These rifles are not only powerful but they can be used from a distance to take out enemies. The maps of Omega Legends are also beneficial to snipers, as they can locate various places where they can shoot down their enemies.

2. How many players are in Omega Legends?

One hundred participants.

3. Is Omega Legends a good game?

The graphics are nice, but the game still feels stiff.

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