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This RPG of Apocalypse, Survival, and Zombies will help you survive the Zombies War. State of Survival is here! You must fight for survival in an apocalyptic world. SAS joins forces with Capcom’s survival terror hit Resident Evil in a collaboration epic where legendary shooter Chris and the megabyte lady Dimitrescu team up with the mysterious oriental spy Ada Wong and federal agent Leon S. Kennedy to form the ultimate doomsday team to end hybridized hazards and to find a settlement for humanity. State of Survival MOD APK Free Download now from our website. The zombie apocalypse has been underway for six months. The virus has spread to the cities. This multiplayer adventure RPG will take you through six months of terror, horror, death, and struggle for survival.

State of Survival MOD APK
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State of Survival MOD APK Features:

Build cities and Create Alliances

  • State of Survival is now available!
  • Prepare yourself to play the RPG!
  • Fight off the zombies.
  • Build, shoot, and don’t get caught.

Zombie Infestations Destroy Cities

  • Survive, and help the government work with its military branch to overcome zombies, rebuild civilizations, and defend humanity.
  • Survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Shoot, plunder, and construct strategically to build a city that will survive the zombies.
  • The plague is spreading quickly and the people are in need of a hero.
  • You have to build, kill, and survive all zombies.

Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

  • A multiplayer zombie RPG game! Create your own story and develop a war strategy.
  • Use powerful weapons and traps to destroy the zombies.
  • Stop this horror by assembling an army, and attacking the zombies!

Survive zombies

  • Build your colony where you can be sure that your survivors are safe.
  • Use your survival skills to fight the virus and defeat the zombies.

Unity and helping other survivors

  • Find survivors that have special abilities and save them to boost your strength and level.
  • These survivors will make your strategy successful and help you win this war!

Research on the zombie virus

  • The zombie virus is evolving rapidly.
  • You should do everything you can to better understand the zombie disease and devise a strategy as quickly as possible.
  • Whoever controls infection controls the whole world!

Join forces to combat the apocalypse

  • Create strategic alliances and find allies to survive the undead war.
  • Build armies to stop the zombies.
State of Survival MOD APK
Defend Your City

What’s New in the Latest Version 3456.0.0?

Last updated on Nov 6, 2023.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version          3456.0.0

Requires Android     Android 5.0+

State of Survival MOD APK FAQs

1. What is the point of State of Survival?

You have to build, kill, and survive all zombies. Play this zombie RPG and make friends or fight other survivors. You can shoot zombies using your pistols and sniper rifle. The battlefield is where heroes go to fight.

2. How many downloads does State of Survival have?

150 million downloads.

3. When can you change states in the State of Survival?

To change the state of survival, players must upgrade their HQ from LVL 1 to LVL 2. They will then receive a Rookie Relocator item as a bonus. After a player reaches LVL 10, or if they have played for over 5 days, it is impossible to change their state.

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