Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK Free Download

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

Theme Tripeaks Solitaire Tri T MOD APK Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games) is the developer of the card game Tri T.

Enter the world of “Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK,” a game that completely reimagines the traditional solitaire experience.

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

“Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK” transports players into a realm of imagination, trickery, and cunning.

 ESSENTIALS OF Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

1. Easy and Fun Gameplay:

Since everybody may play and enjoy patience Tri Peaks Magic Towers Building.

2. Adorable Fairy Tale Characters:

Play patience with your all-time favourite fairy tale characters from your youth in Soiltaire City! Snow White, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan will have you smiling the whole time!

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

3. The brand-new Room Decoration System

lets you design and construct your own city skyscrapers. Create your own one-of-a-kind magic tri tower tripeaks buildings with gorgeous rooms by customising the interior, accessories, and characters!

4. A tonne of entertaining content to choose from!

Enjoy the never-boring game of patience, which features bonus games, minigames and a variety of goodies! Not even after spending hours playing the enchanted patience quest!

You’ll adore Themed Solitaire if you enjoy playing games that test your reasoning and cognitive abilities. This is a unique sort of game where you may create and customise your own patience card game using a building system and the traditional gameplay of patience.

How to Engage:

1. On your Android device, download and install Themed Solitaire.

2. Launch the game and adhere to the prompts displayed on screen.

3. The Main Menu will be the first item you see.

4. The Build menu will be the next item you see.

5. From this screen, you may pick between the three themes—Landscape, Portrait, or Landscape & Portrait—and the three difficulty settings—Easy, Medium, or Hard.

6. The Settings menu will appear on screen after that.

Rules for Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

Three Peaks:

Each of the three peaks, or pyramids, is four cards tall. The lowest level is shared by the peaks. The cards are arranged with the lower cards facing up and the higher cards face down.

The Stock:

The stock is the heap on the bottom left, facedown. Cards are drawn from and placed on the Waste using it.
The Waste:

The faceup mound adjacent to the stock is the waste. At first, it is vacant.


Getting every card from the three Peaks onto the Waste is the aim of the game. A card is only considered open if no other cards are covering it; you can only move open cards to the Waste.

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

The bottom row is initially completely open. Upon moving cards from the Peaks, additional cards become available for you to flip over and move to the Waste.


Transferring every card from each of the three Peaks to the Waste will win you the game. It makes no difference how many cards are in the Stock when you’re done.

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T MOD APK

Dropping out

You’ve lost the game when there are no more cards in the Stock and you are unable to move any cards from the Peaks. You can use the Undo button to try to find another solution, but the game will alert you when this happens.


The number of cards remaining at the end determines the score. If you are down to zero cards, you win.

Profitable Percentage

Robert Hogue created the game in 1989, according to Wikipedia.Applying computer statistical analysis to the original game revealed that he could solve over 90% of dealt games.

👨‍🌾‍DISCOVER stunning farmvilles

  • Finish the patience levels in this harvest town to construct your own farm.
  • Unlock new chapters with adorable animals and stunning scenery in Jane’s epic farm story about patience.

A lighthearted take on patience

  • Traditional solitaire tripeaks including priceless hidden gems
  • Obstacle Cards with images of volcanoes, locks, shells, stones, bombs, and more. You’ll see how much fun a patience tripeaks card game can be with these strong cards!

🌾FARM full with enigmatic shocks

  • Assist Jane in establishing the family farm, gather your daily harvest, and receive awards as you go.
  • Play games of tripeaks patience to discover the fun farmville

Engage in patience competitions.

  • Engage in real-world patience gameplay and pit yourself against players worldwide.
  • Play cards online and test your skills at full deck patience.


Developed by Buff Studio Co.Ltd., the Theme Solitaire: Tripeaks game is a Freeware programme in the Games & Entertainment category.

Released on October 6, 2023, Theme Solitaire: Tripeaks is currently running on version 1.015. On October 6, 2023, it was first added to our database.

The following operating systems support Theme Solitaire: Tripeaks: iOS.

Theme Solitaire: Tripeaks users rated the game five stars out of five.

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