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About Traffic Rider MOD APK

Enjoy the thrill of riding your motorcycle at high speeds! Another masterpiece by the creators behind Traffic Racer. You are now behind the wheel of a motorbike, in a more detailed and fun gaming experience. Traffic Rider brings the endless racing genre up to a new level with a career mode, a first-person perspective, improved graphics, and recorded bike sounds. It’s still arcade racing but with a new look. Upgrade and buy new bikes in order to complete the career mode missions. Traffic Rider MOD APK Free Download Now from our website. Ride your bike on the endless highways, overtaking traffic. It’s time to get on the road with your motorcycle! For more exciting games visit our website

Traffic Rider MOD APK
Game Lobby

Traffic Rider MOD APK Features:

  • First-person camera view.
  • 29 motorbikes for you to choose from.
  • Real bike motor sounds recorded.
  • Detailed environments with night and day variations.
  • Career mode with over 70 missions.
  • Online leaderboards with 30+ achievements.
  • Supports 19 languages.
  • Try to get as many points as possible in each level by going as fast as possible.
  • You can choose from nearly 30 different motorcycles.
  • Complete your tasks. Take a wild ride down the highway.
  • Do not stop until you reach the end.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Advanced Tips:

  • The more you ride the faster you score.
  • Overtake cars in close proximity when driving at speeds above 100 km/h to earn bonus points and cash.
  • Driving the opposite way in a two-way earns you extra points and cash.
  • Perform wheelies for extra cash and score.
Traffic Rider MOD APK
Game Interface

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.98?

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023.

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Additional Game Information

Latest Version      1.98

Requires Android       Android 5.1+

Traffic Rider MOD APK FAQs

1. What sets Traffic Rider apart from other motorcycle racing games?

The first-person view makes this game stand out, giving you a realistic and immersive experience. The game has detailed graphics, real motorcycles, and dynamic day-night cycles. The endless highway mode adds an exciting dimension to the game, as players have to navigate through traffic.

2. Can I upgrade and customize my motorcycle in Traffic Rider?

Customization and upgrades are extensive. The currency earned by players through their successful rides can be used to upgrade and purchase motorcycles. Customization options include paint jobs and modifications that enhance the bike’s performance. This feature allows the player to customize their motorcycles according to their own preferences, and to improve their chances of winning on the road.

3. Are there different environments or levels in Traffic Rider, or is it set in one location?

The game offers a variety of gaming environments and levels. The core gameplay is a race through highway traffic, but the game also offers a variety of settings including suburban and city landscapes. Each environment has its own visual aesthetics and challenges, so players will encounter new scenarios as they advance through the game.

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