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Social Messenger All in One APK Free Download

About Social Messenger

Social Media Apps With Call Screen, Edge Lighting and Wallpapers. Is a social media app that offers all the popular apps in one place, along with personalized features like chat translator, call screens, edge lighting, wallpapers, emojis, camera translators, offline translations, phrasebooks, and more. With your messenger app, you will be able to chat, video call, message, and translate with ease, fluency, and confidence. Social Messenger All in One APK free download from our website. Enjoy the fun and joy of the Messenger All-in-One, Feed AI app, which includes adorable and fun smiley faces, emoticons, and cute emojis. Video chat with emojis, emoticons, and themes. Download 4K live wallpapers Find the best 4K Live Wallpapers to set on your phone. Share live wallpapers with your friends and family. Enjoy texting with your friends.

Social Messenger All in One APK

Key Features:

  • All popular messaging apps for iPad, including chat, video calls, voice calls, and social apps.
  • No blue ticks for last seen or chat
  • You can read your messages in private.
  • Invisible and incognito messaging mode allows you to send messages to your friends.
  • Chat and walk allow you to communicate while walking.
  • Instantly translate your chat messages with the Chat Translator.
  • Color Call Screen Themes
  • Caller ID Full Screen and Special Caller Screen
  • Edge Lighting for your Phone Border
  • The best collection of stylish and unique wallpapers
  • All messages and notifications will be displayed on one screen
Social Messenger All in One APK
APK Interface

Additional Features:

Chat Translator

The Text Chat Translator function allows you to translate their messages into your language, as well as your own messages, such as English to Hinduism, English in Spanish, English in Bengali, etc. Text Chat Translator gives you the feeling of chatting in your native language with your Massage: Video Chat app.

Baby Language Translator

The best way to translate newborn cries. Each baby has five needs and each has its own distinct crying pattern. It is a language that comes naturally and instinctively. Filters out all other sounds to identify baby cries. The baby translator analyzes the cry in seconds after it detects it. The result of the translation is displayed on your phone’s screen.

Pet Translator

The app that helps you understand your animal friends. This cat and canine translator will help you understand the sounds of dogs and cats. Did you know your cat’s “meow” might be different from your neighbor’s? The machine-learning technology used by this animal translator to decode the language of your dog or cat is a great way to save time. The machine then converts them into human language.

What’s new in Version 6.3?

Last updated on October 13, 2023

  • Emojis with sounds have been added
  • Improved messaging and video call features
  • Chat translator feature improvements
  • Cryptex lock screen added
  • NEW wallpapers and themes for call screens, edge lighting, and background illumination

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If you want to download TEXTNOW you can easily download it from our website.

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