TextNow APK Free Download

TextNow APK Free Download Latest Version

About TextNow

TextNow APK Free Download Latest Version. Offers unlimited free texts and phone calls to anywhere in the United States. A revolutionary app for communication, offers over 100 million users a smarter way to stay in touch with free texting and calling across the country. It is designed to eliminate barriers to communication and allow users to remain connected without financial restrictions. The app does not require monthly or annual fees and allows users to send unlimited text messages, voice calls, and pictures to the USA and Canada. A subscription is also available for those who want to avoid ads.

TextNow APK Free Download
TextNow APK Free Download Latest Version

Key Features:

Nationwide Text & Talk

Without the Phone Bill Break Free from Your Mobile Phone Company with a TextNow SIM Card, which offers the same coverage and network as leading carriers but without the hefty bills. Nationwide Talk & Text is a free app that allows you to send and receive texts anywhere in the US. It’s supported by ads.

High-Speed Data at Affordable Prices

Offers mobile data flexibility with its low-cost add-ons. Pay only for the data that you use when you need it.

Add an Additional Number

Add an Additional Number to Your Phone TextNow gives you the option to add a second local number for free. This will give you more privacy. Use free text messages and calls to impress your friends or keep your professional and personal lives separate.

Low-cost International Calling

Stay in touch with family and friends overseas by making low-cost calls to more than 230 countries. You can stay in touch for longer with your loved ones at affordable rates, starting as low as $0.01 per minute.

WiFi Calling and Mobile Calling

Allows you to call your real number via WiFi or TextNow’s nationwide mobile network, simply by inserting a SIM.

Allows users

Choose from a variety of US area codes, and they can even use it on multiple devices. TextNow SIM cards are required to access the free network. Users can call and send texts without WiFi. Also offers personalized signatures in texts, caller identification, customizable text tones, and ringtones, as well as seamless device synchronization through textnow.com.

TextNow offers

Unlimited national talk and texts without a bill. It also includes affordable data add-ons and numerous customization features. TextNow allows you to stay connected, regardless of whether your device is WiFi-enabled or mobile.

TextNow APK Free Download Latest Version
TextNow APK Free Download Latest Version

What’s new in the latest version

Last updated Oct 3, 2023

Performance and stability improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version

Requires Android      Android 8.0+

TextNow FAQs

1. Does TextNow work without a SIM card?

Provides phone service on your Android and iOS devices via our free apps. TextNow also allows you to connect to a nationwide 5G/4G wireless network by purchasing a TextNow Sim Card for only 99C/! ).

2. How long can you use TextNow?

You can keep your TextNow number active for as long as you want by calling or sending a text message at least once per day.

3. Does TextNow work without the Internet?

Can be used without WiFi by using the TextNow SIM Card. Hold on. What’s GSM? GSM is the wireless network that cell phones use. (GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications in case you were curious.

TextNow APK Free Download Now

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