MARVEL Duel APK MOD Free Download

MARVEL Duel APK MOD Free Download


You hold the power to save Marvel’s universe! MARVEL Duel, a fast-paced card game that features the greatest Super Heroes and Super Villains in the world, is a strategy card game. Marvel’s most iconic moments have been altered by a mysterious evil force. MARVEL Duel APK MOD free download the latest version from our website. Bring back the universe using your favorite characters, and use clever strategies to outwit your opponents! Save the universe by assembling your deck!

Game Lobby

MARVEL Duel APK MOD Features:

3D Multiplayer Combat

You can engage in epic battles at any time and anywhere! Enjoy the cinematic visual effects of your favorite superheroes or Super Villains as they unleash their greatest power!

Battle in All-New MARVEL Adventures

Familiar characters, unexpected story! Enjoy familiar events like the Civil War and Infinity War with new plots and twists. Bring your deck to save the entire MARVEL Universe.

Collect Iconic Super Heroes and Villains

Marvel characters are available in the most extensive mobile game roster ever. You can collect and upgrade more than 150 characters. Collect all the Iron Man Armors and Spider-Men in different universes. Asgardian warriors are also available.

Customize Your Deck

Create your own decks and play them the way you want! Thor and Loki can fight together, or Iron Man with Thanos. The possibilities are limitless!

Deep Strategy and Stunning Visuals

Immerse yourself in the world of superheroes. Marvel’s immersive experience is enhanced by CG-ready models and stunning in-game graphics.

Double the danger, double the fun!

Duo Mode lets you play with a buddy! Together, create the ultimate Super Hero Team and unlock new possibilities.


What’s New in the Latest Version 1.0.122270?

Last updated on Feb 3, 2023.

  • New Deck: Fantastic 4

Additional Game Information

Latest Version    1.0.122270

Requires Android   Android 4.4+


1. Is Marvel duel offline?

Select either the offline or online modes. You can play offline against an intelligent AI who knows what it’s doing. You can follow a variety of stories, from The Avengers to The Immortals. If you’re feeling more competitive, jump into the live-ranked scene where thousands of players are waiting for your turn.

2. Does Marvel have an app?

Your destination for Marvel’s best mobile apps! Marvel Unlimited, is Marvel’s digital comics subscription service. Subscribers get instant access to more than 27,000 digital comics for a low, one-time price. Marvel Unlimited is a Marvel app that allows you to access over 80 years’ worth of comics.

3. Can you use Marvel Unlimited offline?

Yes! Add the digital comic to your Marvel Unlimited app library and then toggle the “Read Offline ” switch on. Download up to 12 comics for offline viewing at once.

MARVEL Duel APK MOD Download Now

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