ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD Free Download

ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD Free Download

About ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD

A Third-Person Shooter Game for your extreme shooting pleasure. Zombie City, San Yager. A group of mercenaries, including you, infiltrates the City. They are there to collect Blood Crystal – a mysterious substance that carries the hope for the salvation of the human race – from hordes and hordes of zombies. ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD free download now from our website. Only if you have enough Blood Crystals can you escape. You may not only be facing zombies but other threats as well.

ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD
Game Lobby

ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD Features:

Get ready to move out

Use your skills and perks to upgrade your weaponry and fight your way through the game! You will be taken to a battlefield that consists of random blocks and complexes. Each mission is exciting!

Peace or Rogue

After you have killed your fellow Mercs and taken their BCs, you will need to kill Zombies in order to get Blood Crystals. Choose the type of game you want to play. However, you must get Blood Crystals in order to escape.

Human or Zombie

San Yager is a place where death can be a fresh start. Turns into Zombie Merch after being defeated. You are consumed by a desire for blood. You can hunt down Human Mercs as a zombie. It’s now time to kill.

Team player or lone wolf

Duo Mode allows you to fight with a partner or solo.

ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD
Game Interface

What’s new in Version 50?

Last updated on February 3, 2023.

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Check it out by installing or updating to the latest version!

Additional Game Information

Latest Version      50

Requires Android    Android 5.0+


1. What is the game ZOZ: Final Hour about?

Is a zombie shooting game with excellent graphics and immersive gameplay. You’ll face many enemies, and your aim will be put to the test. Form powerful teams or go it alone.

2. What country is ZOZ: Final Hour?

The Zombie Mercs feature allows players to seek revenge against those who have betrayed them. The game has had great success in Brazil and Indonesia and it’s time to move on to the next phase of development.

3. What are the system requirements for ZOZ: Final Hour?

Please ensure that your device has at least 8GB of free space and 2GB RAM. Please ensure your device has a minimum of 8GB free space and 2GB RAM.

ZOZ Final Hour APK MOD Download Now

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