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About Bike Rider MOD APK

Bike rider: best Bike racing games. let’s race! Racer, the rider is in traffic! BIKE RIDER brings the endless racing genre up to a new level with a career mode, a first-person view, improved graphics, and recorded bike sounds. The smooth arcade racing experience is preserved, but it has been re-packaged in a new shell. Bike Rider MOD APK Free Download Now the latest version from our website. Upgrade and buy new bikes in order to complete the career mode missions. Ride your bike on the endless highways, overtaking traffic.

Bike Rider MOD APK
Game Interface

Bike Rider MOD APK Features:

Endless Motorbike Race

You are now behind the wheel of a motorbike, in a more detailed and fun gaming experience. The creators of Bike Rider have created another masterpiece.

Details on user-created levels

You can play any number of levels that are shared by other users on the Internet. You will need to purchase a level pack if you wish to play more than three user-created levels each day. If you know the codes, you can play any number of free levels that you or your friends have created. Mobile devices cannot create levels.

Enjoy it wherever you are

No internet connection is required to run Bike Race Free. You can race in the subway or while on a real plane.

Low Data Usage

You can use your data plan to watch videos on YouTube, listen to free music, and surf the internet.

Bike Rider MOD APK Additional Features:

  • Day and night variations with detailed environments.
  • Career Mode with 70+ missions.
  • Online leaderboards with 30+ achievements.
  • Support for 19 languages.
  • First-person camera view.
  • Choose from 26 different motorbikes.
  • Real bike motor sounds recorded.
  • Cool stunts.
  • Tons of incredible bikes.
  • Hundreds of tracks with crazy worlds.
  • Free updates with tons of new content.
  • Easy and intuitive driver control.
  • Challenge your Facebook friends.
  • Play without WiFi.
  • New Game Mode: Tournaments.
  • Race against millions of players in multiplayer.
  • Improve your skills by training on single-player.
  • Fun guaranteed.

Bike Rider MOD APK Tips:

  • The more you ride the faster you score.
  • Driving the opposite way on a two-way road gives you extra points and cash.
  • Perform wheelies for extra cash and score.
  • Overtake cars in close proximity when driving at speeds above 100 km/h to earn bonus points and cash.
  • Compatibility and Support.
  • We are working hard to ensure that the game runs smoothly on all Android devices and tablets.
Bike Rider MOD APK

What’s New in the Latest Version Moto Racing 3?

Last updated on Apr 4, 2018.

  • Very Nice Graphics and great reality sound effects!
  • Play and feel the RACE!

Additional Game Information

Latest Version      Moto Racing 3

Requires Android      Android 3.0+

Bike Rider MOD APK FAQs

1. What types of bikes are available in Bike Rider?

The game features a wide range of motorcycles – from sport bikes to cruisers, and dirt bikes. The game allows players to unlock and select their favorite bike. Each has unique characteristics such as acceleration, speed, and handling. The variety of bikes allows players to customize their riding experience according to their preferences and playstyle.

2. How does the scoring system work in Bike Rider?

Bike Rider’s scoring system is based on a number of factors. The game rewards players for completing stunts, navigating obstacles successfully, and maintaining high speed. The overall score is also affected by close calls with obstacles and a smooth landing after jumps. The higher the score the better your performance. This adds a competitive element to players who want to climb up the leaderboards.

3. Is there a multiplayer mode in Bike Rider for competitive play?

Includes a multiplayer feature that allows players to compete with friends or players from around the world. The multiplayer mode brings a competitive and social element to the game, whether it is racing in real-time against other players or taking part in stunt challenges. This feature allows users to show off their skills in thrilling competitions with a global community.

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If you want to download the Traffic Rider MOD APK. Then you can easily download it from our website.

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