Alight Motion APK MOD Free Download

Alight Motion APK MOD Free Download Latest Version

About Alight Motion

Alight Motion APK MOD Free Download Latest Version. A professional motion design app, that offers users high-quality animations, motion graphics, and visual effects. Add fun animations to videos with Alight Motion. It also includes video editing and video compositing. Alight Motion offers a variety of tools and features that allow users to create advanced visual effects and animations directly from their smartphones.

Alight Motion APK MOD Free Download

Alight Motion Key Features:

Users can edit

Vector and bitmap graphics on their phone. Users can create sophisticated visual effects by combining over 160 effect building blocks.

All settings can be animated with keyframes

Users are able to link parent and children layers, rig character joints and use cameras that pan, zoom, and support fog and focus blur. Users can also group layers, create masks, and adjust colors.

Alight Motion lets users choose

From pre-sets or create their own timing curves. The motion blur based on velocity allows users to add bookmarks and create smooth videos. Users can also export MP4 videos, GIF animations, PNG sequences, and stills and share project packages.

The Building Block Effect

These effects allow the user to create sophisticated and professional visual effects. They also give them the opportunity to take their creativity to a new level. Alight Motion also offers over 100 visual effects in addition to this customizable building blocks effect. The color correction function allows you to design a different color for an image or video, giving it a fresh look.

VFX Feature

VFX is the Visual Special Effect. The visual special effect is a result of a keen eye for detail and a commitment to ensuring that all shots are taken at the highest quality. It’s a complete video editor that can do everything – from editing to communication and organization – with the highest quality. It is the primary feature of Alight Motion and is something that is rare in any video editor.

Alight Motion APK MOD Free Download

What’s new in Version

▪️ Last updated on Oct 3, 2020

▪️ Bug fixes and improvement

Additional APP Information

Latest Version

Requires Android      Android 6.0+

Alight Motion FAQs

1. What is the main purpose of Alight Motion?

Is the first professional motion design application for iPhone and iPad. It offers professional-quality animations, motion graphics and visual effects. Video editing, video compositing, and more.

2. How many effects are in Alight Motion?

Offer more than a hundred Effects you can use in projects. You can get instructions on using effects in Alight Motion in three different ways: 1. Visit the Alight Motion effects guide, which contains guides for over 100 effects.

3. Does Alight Motion have a watermark?

The free version has a watermark on all exported videos. This watermark is removed by purchasing an app subscription. The watermark is a small Alight Motion Logo in the lower right corner of the video.

Alight Motion APK Free Download Now

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