War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)

More about war dragons.

War Dragons mod apk, as the name suggests, is a strategic war game. And the main combat weapon is fire-breathing dragons. You breed dragons, raise them as perfect war machines, and attack other players’ bases. The more dragons you have, the more variety they will bring to your attacks.

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)


This game is developed around medieval themes and technology. Each new dragon will bring its own strength and charm, allowing users to craft offensive strategies accordingly. This game is one of the most popular apps right now. War Dragons has 10 million+ downloads on Google Play. War Dragons Mod APK is the premium version of War Dragons. You can use all features of War Dragons without paying or watching ads. Download Jojoy now, and you can experience War Dragons Mod APK for free.


War Dragons APK is an extremely adventurous and addictive game with a commendable story. It is available for free download on the Google Play Store for Android OS 8.0 and above. you can also enjoy Fun Race 3D Mod Apk

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)

There are many powerful and unique dragons that you can unlock and train to create a strong army with them. These dragons are your greatest strength, as one shot from them can kill many soldiers.


War Dragons MOD APK is a modified version of the game, which is similar to the original game but has few beneficial changes. It is a free game app with a free interface; even the premium features are free.

If you want to play this addictive game without interruption, just download the hacked version, as there are no ads. You also get all the dragons and other tools in the beginning with unlimited gems and coins.

Build powerful fortresses to protect your military base.

As we said above, War Dragons is an Android strategy game with action, dragon, and RPG skills. Basically, War Dragons will make you endure all the powerful playstyles on a solo platform. You can download this game right now and start building powerful fortresses like military bases, hospitals, and police stations. Moreover, you also need to build mighty castle walls to protect your military bases from dragons. Download War Dragons now and enjoy it in its entirety.

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)



There are over 100 dragons in the game, from rare to legendary. You have to open them. All have different attack styles, spell abilities, and fire powers.

Create and go!

You can acquire the eggs of legendary, powerful dragons, and once hatched, it’s your duty to breed and train them. You have to teach them how to fly, fight, and attack during war. Upgrade them to enhance their powers.

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)


To play in multiplayer mode, you need to create or join a guild. This way, you get a team you can count on. All the power-ups and upgrades any crew member gets will benefit the entire team. You can chat with players to create the perfect winning strategy.

Build the fortress.

To protect your base, you must build an impenetrable fortress. Build turrets and ballistas to defend your castle and prevent anyone from entering it.


This game features weekly challenges and events. Each event has distinct gameplay and objectives to achieve.


For each event, there is a leaderboard that shows each player’s ranking and achievements. If you get the first rank, you will appear on the throne of war dragons as the best dragon lord.

Features of MoD APK:

Advertisement Free Game

Mod apk version gameplay is 100% ad-free. It has an ad-blocking feature by default. Therefore, no ads are displayed while playing the game.


There are many premium options, and all are paid. If you want to have all the premium versions without paying any money, download the cracked version instead. It has no in-app purchases, which gives you all the paid tools for free.


There are various strong dragons with unique powers; if you want to unlock all of them easily and quickly without spending coins and gems, then you should play mod apk. It has all the dragons and other tools unlocked at the start of the game.

Unlimited coins and gems!

In the modified version of the game, you have a lot of coins and gems to help you in different stages of the game. You can upgrade your dragons with these coins or get rare dragon eggs with gems.

Once your dragons and base are ready, you must prepare for attacks on your base by players from all over the world. They will attack your base for loot and resources. When attacking, you can charge up your defenses, such as turrets, for a more powerful attack.

War Dragons Mod Apk free Download (unlimited money; gems)

Attacking other players allows your dragons to level up and become stronger. But beware that players much stronger than you will attack, and your base will be destroyed frequently. You either need to have some great defenses that will take time to build, or you can make in-app purchases to climb the ladder quickly.

The game is popular, and so is its fan following, which is why they have their own dedicated website.


War Dragons is an incredibly amazing game with powerful gameplay and 3D graphics. Although it is a pocket game, it still provides the best experience, as if you were playing on big screens.

The game is about powerful dragons and their abilities. You can unlock powerful creatures and build a powerful army that can help you rule the empire. Your dragon army will protect your castle from all external evil forces.


Q. How do I unlock all powerful dragons in the game War Dragons in the beginning level of the game?

If you want all the strong dragons unlocked from the start, you need to download a modified version of the game. It has everything unpaid.

Q. Is it possible to join a guild in a modified version of War Dragons?

Yes, the mod apk game also allows you to play with a team. You can easily join a guild and play together with other players.

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