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About Super Maino Run

Is a classic platform-style game that offers challenge and excitement. Defeat all monsters and break records. Free platform pixel mobile game. Get more of your exhilarating running and jumping, turning, and sliding. Jungle Adventure Game gives you the chance to go back to your childhood and play the platform game that has the legendary challenge of the adventure princess rescue. Super Maino Run APK free download the latest version from our website. This old-school game features well-designed levels with various enemies and super bosses. It also has excellent graphics and sounds, as well as simple gameplay. You must help Bob run through the jungle and jump over obstacles to save the Princess. Super Bino is a free game that you can play offline. You can save your princess by being a Bino or a Mari.

Super Maino Run APK
Game Interface

Game Features:

  • Plus, beautiful high-resolution graphic
  • Smooth user interface
  • There are 8 iconic islands, each with a different type of world level: sky, water, undersea, etc. There are 145 levels.
  • To move on to the next island, you must defeat 7 Fierce Bosses.
  • Music and sound effects
  • All ages & kids are welcome!
  • No purchase is necessary to play this game.
  • Support for Phones and Tablets
  • Enjoy the same classic gameplay as in retro games
  • Retro controller on screen: Easy to use and intuitive control
  • Plus, collectibles like coins, shields and more

How To Play

  • Press the buttons to run, jump, and smash
  • Collect stars, booms, and lightning to earn more points.
  • Save the princess by defeating monsters, breaking records, and destroying all records.
  • Enjoy yourself and conquer it!
Super Maino Run APK

What’s new in Version 1.0.6?

Last updated Oct 15, 2023

Minor bug fixes. Check it out by installing or updating to the latest version!

Additional Game Information

Latest Version    1.0.6
Requires Android    Android 7.0+

Super Maino Run FAQs

1. Is Super Mario Run a one-time purchase?

The first three levels are available for free, but unlocking the rest of it requires a one-time fee. Super Mario Run was generally praised by critics.

2. How do I transfer data from Super Mario Run?

If the new device runs Android OS, use the same Google Account you used to buy the game in order to download and install Super Mario Run onto your new device. Launch the game, then tap Restore Purchase on the World Tour purchase screen.

3. Can I play Super Mario Run on multiple devices?

By linking to your Nintendo Account you can play Super Mario Run using the same data on another device. After you’ve linked your old device to a Nintendo Account you will need to start Super Mario Run and choose Link when prompted for a Nintendo Account.

Super Maino Run APK Free Download Now

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