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About Spotify for Artists MOD APK

Spotify is an app that allows artists to build a fan base that can make anything possible. Provides you with tools to help you reach your Spotify goals and grow your fan base. Is a tool for artists and their teams that helps them manage their artist profiles, celebrate milestones, and understand the audience. Spotify for Artists MOD APK Free Download the latest version from our website. You can update your app and view your stats anywhere – in the studio, while on tour, even when you are dreaming of your next release.

Spotify for Artists MOD APK

Spotify for Artists MOD APK Features:

  • You can find out who is listening to your music and where they are by using audience insights, song playlists, and other tools.
  • Count the number of listeners streaming your music in real-time.
  • You can celebrate your success with real-time statistics for new releases, updates if you’ve been included in a playlist, and milestones of followers.
  • You can edit your profile, your playlists, and your Artist’s Choice to control your Spotify presence.
  • Canvas allows you to add a looping visual for each track.
  • Switch between artists easily to keep track of all your roster’s latest releases, statistics, and profiles.
  • Access our latest product updates, articles, and videos to learn the latest tips and techniques.
  • We’re here to help you. We are here to help you.

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Spotify for Artists MOD APK
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What’s New in the Latest Version

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023.

  • Improvements and minor bug fixes.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version

Requires Android      Android 6.0+

Spotify for Artists MOD APK FAQs

1. How does Spotify affect artists?

Contrary to what some people may have heard, Spotify doesn’t pay royalties to artists based on a rate per play or stream. The royalty payments received by artists can vary depending on how their music is listened to or the contracts they have with distributors or labels.

2. Does paying for Spotify help artists?

Spotify pays an average of $0.003 to $0.005 for each stream. This is an approximate revenue split of 70% for the rights holders/artists and 30% for Spotify.

3. What information can artists see on Spotify?

You can view statistics for your listeners, followers, and Spotify for Artists. Audience. In Music, you can see the statistics for each song and release. Hovering over the timeline graphs will allow you to set a specific timeframe or view daily stats for listeners and followers.

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