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Sniper Elite APK Free Download Latest Version

About Sniper Elite

A series of tactical shooter games developed by Rebellion Developments is an action-packed video game. It’s a tactical third-person shooter video game that encourages the player to keep a distance and use stealth. Sniper Elite APK free download the latest version from our website. It was released through Steam in 2012 to coincide with Sniper Elite V2, a remake of the original game. Perfect your sniper skill and eliminate enemies with pinpoint precision. As you aim for the perfect shot, consider wind, distance, and bullet drop. Prepare Yourself for the ultimate sniper adventure where patience, precision, and strategy are your best allies.

Sniper Elite APK
Game Interface

Sniper Elite Features:

Play a strategic game

Use your environment to your advantage. Use stealth tactics to your advantage. Set traps and make use of your tactical awareness.

X-Ray Kill Cam

See the impact of your shots in the iconic X-ray kill camera. Bullets are shown in stunning detail as they penetrate targets, creating a visceral experience.

Global Operations

Explore different locations in the world with their own unique challenges and scenarios. Adapt to different environments and missions.

Immerse yourself

Immerse yourself in realistic environments, which are a mixture of rural, urban, and industrial settings. The dynamic weather and day/night cycles enhance the challenge and realism.

Variety of authentic sniper weapons

You can customize your loadout according to your playstyle, and maximize your efficiency on the battlefield, secondary weapons, and gadgets.

Earn rewards

By completing missions. Unlock new weapons and improve your sniper’s abilities. As you level up, your marksman will become even more deadly.

Competitive Multiplayer

Challenge your skills in intense multiplayer games. Take part in team-based challenges and tactical sniper fights. Prove your dominance by climbing the global leaderboard. 

Sniper Elite APK Free Download
Game Interface

What’s new in Version 1.0.0?

Last updated on October 14, 2023

Minor bug fixes

Additional Game Information

Latest Version    1.0.0
Requires Android   Android 4.4+

Sniper Elite FAQs

1. What countries are in Sniper Elite?

A series of tactical shooter games in third-person is developed by Rebellion Developments. It follows the exploits of sniper Karl Fairburne, who is based in North Africa.

2. How long is the Sniper Elite mission?

Sniper Elite 5 takes about 10 1/2 Hours to complete the main missions. You’ll need to play the game for around 39 hours if you want to complete it 100%.

3. Who is the main character in Sniper Elite?

Karl Fairburne is the main character in the game.

Sniper Elite APK Free Download Now

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