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Project Mugen Mod Apk

In the Earth-like setting of the open-world urban role-playing game Project Mugen Mod Apk, people coexist with the paranormal and urban legends come to life. Taking on the role of an Esper, also known as the “Infinite Trigger,” players have to navigate through busy cities and steer clear of anomalies and paranormal activities that threaten the balance of this peculiar urban paradise.

Welcome to Project Mugen Mod Apk, where the criminal underworld and the world of anime collide. The new game might be a strong competitor and give Genshin Impact a serious run for its money. Anime fans, particularly fans of Honkai Star Rail, are intrigued by the game. The main draw of the game is undoubtedly its expansive setting.

The game was first revealed at Gamescom 2023 on August 24, with a full announcement planned for early August. And at last, the wait is over! We are thrilled to share with you that the game’s skeletal concept now has some meat added by the developer.

Project Mugen

Naked Rain’s upcoming game is called Project Mugen. The game will be an action role-playing game set in an open world with elements of anime. It strikes a balance between a deep story and complex sequences that boldly seek to engross players. The world of the game is similar to ours, with the exception that humans and entities with mystic abilities coexist.

It appears that Zenless Zone Zero is the closest competitor for the upcoming game. The game is an upcoming release from miHoYo, the developers of Genshin Impact. Beyond being completely free to play, the two games share more features.

Release Date and Pricing Details

A release date for Project Mugen Mod Apk has not yet been disclosed. They have, however, stated that it would be available for PC, PlayStation4 and mobile devices.

Additionally, Project Mugen Mod Apk will be released as a fully free-to-play game, giving all players access to all of its features. It is reasonable to anticipate that the game will contain microtransactions of some kind in order to support its free download.

Story OF Project Mugen

The Esper, sometimes referred to as the “Infinite Trigger,” is the protagonist of the Project Mugen tale. Assuming this role, players will explore the city, looking into strange happenings and paranormal activity. It is your task to discover why the balance of life in this urban paradise is being upset by the presence of these powers.

As you look into potential problems in the city, you’ll meet new people and learn more about their lives. You can cooperate to solve the puzzles and avert the world’s impending destruction.

Since the game requires you to “try to remember lost memories,” there is a faint indication that players are making references to previous games.

Game play

Because the game takes place in an open world, you can explore the city. The official LINE website describes Project Mugen as a “open-world role-playing game with a main city theme”.

In the game, traversal has a distinct purpose. Each character has a basic set of movements that include wall climbing, parkour, and swinging. However, some characters have special ways of getting around, like riding a war hammer.

Similar to Grand Theft Auto, you can also drive automobiles, scale tall buildings, and explore the subterranean. The caravan gives you more information about your mobility options.

There is combat in the game as well. Still, the website provides very little information about this. As of right now, we are aware that four characters can participate in team battles. Each character possesses a distinct set of abilities that work well together. You’ll obtain your weapons.

Plus, there’s a tonne of breathtaking scenery to enjoy. Gleaming city lights bring the nightlife to life. You can go to one of the parks if you’d rather have a more relaxed experience. The game’s distinctive design was painstakingly constructed by the developers to grab your attention from every angle.

It’s understandable why critics likened Grand Theft Auto to this game so quickly. The urban backdrop of the game is similar to Carl’s everyday struggles for respect and money. The combat mechanics in the game, however, are more akin to those of Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail.


Publisher NetEase Games and developer Naked Rain collaborated on the game. The creators of Marvel Super War, Onmyoji, and Naraka: Bladepoint are Naked Rain, a division of Thunder Fire Studio.

At Thunder Fire Studio, Riten Huang, senior director of marketing, called the game a “love letter to urban fantasies.” He said, “We wanted to make a world that players could identify with and have just enough mysteries to keep them interested.”


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