Pinterest APK MOD Free Download Latest Version

Pinterest APK MOD Free Download Latest Version

About Pinterest

Pinterest is an innovative platform that allows users to save and share their ideas. It also helps them turn their dreams into reality. Users are inspired by an endless supply of ideas ranging from fashion and home decor to food and travel. Pinterest APK MOD free download the latest version now from our website. A social media and image-sharing service that allows users to save and discover information such as recipes, fashion, food, and motivation on the web using images, GIFs, videos, and animated GIFs. Is a great place to find new inspirations every day!

Pinterest APK MOD

Pinterest Key Features:

Find new ideas

A huge collection of images and ideas from all over the world. The categories include home decor, fashion and beauty, recipes, travel, and recipes.

Save what inspires

Users are able to organize and save ideas on different boards. Users can create multiple boards to group ideas related to different projects or interests.

Shop according to your tastes

Allows users the option of shopping for products based on their interests. Users can buy products directly on the platform, or save them in boards for later purchase.

Watch and Learn

Provides instructional and how-to video tutorials, allowing users to learn from experts new skills and techniques.

Create a lifestyle you love

With the features of the platform, users can design a lifestyle that is based on their interests. Allows users to discover new styles, create new recipes, and develop new hobbies.

Pinterest Lens

Feature released in 2017. This feature allows users to be in control of their search. Pinterest will collect related items based on the image you take with your phone’s camera. Pinterest Lens has expanded with the launch of Lens Your Look. The goal of this tool is to turn your phone into a personal stylist. This feature allows consumers to find the products they want without needing to use keywords or descriptions.


This feature brings offline interactions to the online world. Pinners who are in a store or have printed stories can scan the code with their Pinterest camera and find Pins that directly relate to displays. These codes can be linked to profiles and boards to increase engagement on brands’ Pinterest accounts. Businesses in the UK or the US can create Pincodes that are linked to specific boards or your entire profile.

Taste Graph

Is organic social’s best friend. Through it, marketers can better understand users’ tastes and interests by observing the connections they make. This feature allows businesses to identify their target audience more easily than on other social platforms. It also helps them forecast trends. This feature has increased click-through rates to 50%, proving that it is a useful tool for businesses.

Pinterest APK MOD Free Download

What’s new in the latest version 11.37.0?

Last updated on Oct 17, 2020

We polish the Pinterest app every week to make it more responsive than ever.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version    11.37.0

Requires Android  Android 7.0+

Pinterest FAQs

1. What are the advantages of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search tool that does more than just help users discover new content. It also increases traffic to your website. It is the most popular social media platform.

2. What features make Pinterest popular?

This is one of the main reasons why it has been so successful – because it’s image-based. Other social media are content-based.

3. What is the main goal of Pinterest?

Pinterest’s mission is to ” Connect everyone around the world by the things that they find interesting.” Users can upload images from their computers or pin items they find online using the Pinterest bookmarklet.

Pinterest APK MOD Free Download Now

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