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About Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK

Remove unwanted objects and backgrounds from your photographs. Picsart allows you to edit photos and videos in a variety of ways. Create stunning photos and videos using filters, text, templates, and stickers. With powerful tools, you can remove unwanted backgrounds and objects from your photos. Use templates to create fun memes. The basic features are free, but you’ll need to pay for the advanced ones. Join Picsart’s community of 150 million creators from around the globe. Picsart’s photo and video editors allow you to bring your creative visions to life. Create professional collages, add stickers, and quickly swap backgrounds, remove or add backgrounds. Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK Free Download now the latest version. Try popular edits. Picsart, your all-in-one editor and collage maker, has all the tools to make your content stand out.

Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK
All In one Editor

Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK Features:


  • Popular photo effects and filters are available for you to try.
  • Use the Background Eraser tool to replace and erase backgrounds
  • Use the Remove Object Tool to clean up photos and remove unwanted objects
  • You can choose from millions of free, curated images or create your own.
  • Add text to your photos using 200+ fonts
  • Retouch your selfies using hair color changers, makeup stickers, and more
  • Use our AI-powered Smart Selection Tool to blur backgrounds
  • You can quickly flip and crop your photos
  • Create your own stickers by adding stickers to photos.


  • Our video editor is easy to use and allows you to create and edit videos.
  • Take your IG stories, TikToks & reels to the next level.
  • Our extensive music library allows you to add music to videos.
  • Crop videos to the ideal dimensions and ratios
  • Use Glitch and other filters to create video effects.
  • Blend videos using smart video merger or trim videos.
  • Use the slide show maker with music to create a design.
  • You can add your favorite moments to a collage video.


  • Make a photo collage with your favorite photos.
  • You can also try photo collages, such as freestyle collages, scrapbooks, and frames.
  • Share our memes with your friends and go viral!
  • Improve your Instagram game by using Story templates.

STICKER MAKER + Free Stickers

  • Find over 60+ Million Picsart Stickers.
  • You can add stickers to your photos to make them more fun.
  • You can download any sticker and use it immediately.
  • Create your own custom stickers by using clipart.


  • Outline your selfies!
  • Transform portraits into masterpieces of art.
  • Create Drip Art using dripping effect sticker & customize blend mode.
  • Create your own cartoons in just seconds.


  • Use Picsart Draw to customize brushes, layers, and pro drawing tools.
  • Draw on photos to create the effect of transparent clothing.
  • Create art and illustrations by starting with a blank page.
  • Doodle Art is a fun way to spend hours drawing.


  • Recreate popular edits with a few taps. Reduce editing time by half using easy-to-customize steps.
  • Edit multiple images in the same style.
  • Create personal presets to keep your Instagram feed consistent and on-trend.


  • Remove objects and background with one tap.
  • There are hundreds of styles to choose from.
  • Add stickers to your photos.
Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK

What’s New in the Latest Version 23.7.7?

Last updated on Nov 27, 2023.

  • Our latest update is the hot cocoa for your chilly evenings as we continue to fix any bugs that might stop the vibe.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version          23.7.7

Requires Android    Android 6.0+

Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK FAQs

1. How does PicsArt AI Photo Editor utilize artificial intelligence in editing photos?

PicsArt AI Photo Editor uses artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the photo-editing process. AI technology allows for automatic adjustments such as intelligent background removal and smart retouching. It also provides content-aware suggestions.

2. Can I create artistic effects using AI in PicsArt Photo Editor?

Absolutely! PicsArt AI Photo Editor offers a variety of artistic effects that are powered by AI. PicsArt’s AI features allow users to experiment with and apply creative effects. AI-driven features in the app allow users to express themselves artistically through their photos.

3. How does PicsArt AI Photo Editor simplify complex editing tasks?

PicsArt AI Photo Editor’s intelligent algorithms simplify complex editing tasks. The app’s AI, for example, can help in accurately selecting and separating objects from a photo to make it easier to change backgrounds or apply specific edits. The AI simplifies the tasks, allowing users to get sophisticated results with minimal manual work.

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If you want to download the Photo Editor Lumii MOD APK. Then you can easily download it from our website.

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