Opera Crypto Browser APK Free Download

Opera Crypto Browser APK Free Download

About Opera Crypto Browser APK

Opera Crypto Browser, an official Opera browser, has a new feature that is different from previous browsers by the same developer. it’s a built-in crypto wallet with a secure clipboard. You can have your wallet at hand all the time without having to use third-party apps or extensions. Opera Crypto Browser APK free download the latest version now. Web3 browser that offers a native-like experience. Opera Crypto Browser is the first dedicated browser for blockchain. Experience a smooth, comfortable Web3 experience.

Opera Crypto Browser APK

Opera Crypto Browser APK Features:

An Ecosystem Partnerships

A multi-chain inclusive strategy that embraces as many partnerships as is possible in order to make Web3 and crypto seamless for our users. So far, we have partnered with Polygon and Solana. We are also working on more partnerships that reflect the spirit of Web3’s community.

Crypto Corner

This is a central place for all things crypto-related. With just one click, you can find the latest crypto news, airdrops & industry events calendar, crypto communities, and educational content.

A Safe Browsing Experience

Opera Crypto Browser makes your Web3 experience more secure and safer. Opera Crypto Browser comes with a built-in Ad Blocker and Pop-up Blocker.

Lighting Fast Browser

Opera Crypto Browser is ready to use as soon as you open it. Opera Crypto Browser’s native built-in blocker will stop intrusive advertisements, making web pages load faster than any other mobile browser.

Desktop version

Control your crypto on all your devices by exploring web3. For more info, please visit www.opera.com/crypto/next/.

About Opera

Opera is a web innovator with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. It’s listed on NASDAQ (OPRA). We were founded in 1995 with the belief that everyone should have the ability to browse the internet. Over the past 25 years, we’ve helped millions of people use the internet in an innovative, safe, and private way.

Terms and Conditions

By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile. Also, you can learn how Opera handles and protects your data in our Privacy Statement at https://www.opera.com/privacy.

Opera Crypto Browser APK
Web 3

What’s New in the Latest Version 5.0.0?

Last updated on Mar 28, 2023.

  • Opera Wallet has been updated to version 4.0.
  • New design.
  • List of customizable networks.
  • Now supports seed phrases of up to 24 words.
  • Bug fixes.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version      5.0.0

Requires Android   Android 7.1+

Opera Crypto Browser APK FAQs

1. What is Opera Web3 ‘crypto browser’?

Opera has released its Web3 ” Crypto Browser”, which includes features such as a built-in crypto wallet and easy access to cryptocurrency/NFT Exchanges. It also supports decentralized apps (dApps). OperaEVP Jorgen Arnensen stated that the goal is to “simplify Web3’s user experience, which is often confusing for mainstream users.”

2. How does Opera Crypto Wallet work?

Opera Crypto Wallet is compatible with your Opera browser on your computer and Opera Touch (or Opera for Android or iOS) on your mobile device. You can make transactions using the CryptoWallet panel on your computer Browser. Then, approve and verify transactions via your mobile Browser.

3. Does Opera have a free adblocker?

Opera offers a free no-log browser, a native ad blocker, and a tracker-blocking feature. You can also access Web3 websites, apps, and other services directly from the address bar.

Opera Crypto Browser APK Download Now

If you want to download the Opera News APK. Then you can easily download it from our website.

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