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Lords Mobile allows you to manage and build your empire in real-time. Lords Mobile Tower Defense lets you build your village, battle your enemies, and enjoy yourself. Enjoy a tower defense game that lets you build your own army. Win each round by customizing your strategy. Enjoy the game with thousands of players online. Are you prepared for a REAL FIGHT? Lords Mobile MOD APK Free Download the latest version now from our website. If you want to download the Clash of Clans then you can download it from our website. The true Emperor is dead. We need a hero who is a true lord and can unite all the kingdoms. Assemble your army of heroes in this magical land! From dwarves to steampunk robots and dark elves, recruit them all. Establish your empire by fighting and conquering!

Lords Mobile MOD APK
Game Interface

Lords Mobile MOD APK Key Features:

Collect Artifacts!

Explore ancient artifacts at the Artifact Hall. Upgrade them and unlock their true powers!

Enter the Vergeway

Like tower defense? Vergeway is a great game! You can upgrade your cards, combine them with other stages to solve different problems, and use your brainpower to beat the evils lurking in the Verge.

Build Your Own Kingdom

Upgrade your buildings, conduct your research, train your soldiers, level up your Heroes, and lead your kingdom well to prosper!

Use Troop Formations

You can choose between 4 different troop types and 6 different formations! Use the counter system to plan your lines, and match your troops with the appropriate Heroes! Your strategy will help you defeat your opponents!

Powerful Heroes Await

Create a team of five Heroes and fight in an RPG-style campaign! Let them be the war generals who will lead your kingdom to victory!

Forge Alliances

Join a Guild to fight with your friends! Join forces to take on exciting events like Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom Battles, Battle Royals, and Darkest Invasions.

Clash Online With Global Players

Battle with players all over the globe and beat those who are in your path! Take the throne to rule all!

Animated Battles

Enjoy the excitement of battle as your armies clash with stunning 3D graphics. Watch your Heroes as they unleash their skills and harness the mystical power of their heroes!

Lords Mobile MOD APK

What’s New in the Latest Version 2.115?

Last updated on Nov 10, 2023.

  • Optimized for the new player experience.
  • Darkness Rally auto-join optimizations
  • When starting a Darkest Rally, players can toggle Auto-Join off and on, and set the Wait Time.
  • Auto-Join will not fill 30 Troops in Rallies, allowing Guild members to manually join.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version            2.115

Requires Android      Android 5.1+

Lords Mobile MOD APK FAQs

1. Does Lords Mobile delete inactive accounts?

Please be informed that the game does not have a delete account option. Please be aware that we do not delete accounts. After a certain period of inactivity, your account will be deleted. After a certain period of inactivity, your castle will disappear from the map.

2. How many buildings should I have In Lords Mobile?

Early game, we recommend, build 10 Farms and 4 each of the other buildings. (Manors excluded) This setup can be kept until you reach level 20. This setup will give you a good amount of each resource to start.

3. How much storage does Lords Mobile take?

What is the size of Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile APK has a size of 877.5 MB, making it the ideal strategy game for Android devices.

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