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About Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD

Lightroom now offers advanced image editing. AI-powered features have been added. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allows you to edit and capture stunning photos and videos with ease. The app features a variety of presets and filter options that allow you to easily create stunning images. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD Free Download now the latest version from our website. If you want to download other MOD APKs then stay with It also offers powerful editing tools for your photos and videos.

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD
Adjust Colors

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD Features:

  • Users can add adjustments to their photos quickly with the help of an extensive library of presets.
  • Professional photographers have created over 200 Premium Presets.
  • Lightroom offers an AI adaptive preset that recommends the most appropriate presets to retouch photos.
  • You can also create your own presets and save them for later use.
  • The auto editor allows users to instantly edit their photos.
  • Precision sliders allow them to adjust all the light settings, such as contrast, exposure, and highlights.
  • This app offers advanced editing tools such as the color mixer and color grading tools.
  • It also includes a curves photo editor and exposure timer.
  • Users can edit videos using precision sliders.
  • They can adjust contrast, vibrance, highlights, and more.
  • The Premium membership of the app offers more advanced features, such as the Healing Brush and masking.
Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD

What’s new in Version 9.0.1?

Last updated Nov 3, 2023.

  • Add blur effects using AI-powered Lens Blur
  • Improved editing experience – Find photos faster and edit them faster.
  • Only on Android 14 and Pixel 7/8/Fold Series can you edit & export HDR.
  • Connect with other photographers on Community.
  • New support for the latest cameras and lenses (
  • Bug fixes, and stability improvements.

Additional APP Information

Latest Version        9.0.1

Requires Android      Android 8.0+

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK MOD FAQs

1. Can I edit both photos and videos with Lightroom Photo & Video Editor?

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor can edit both photos and video. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor allows you to edit both photos and videos.

2. How does the synchronization work between Lightroom on different devices?

Offers seamless synchronization between devices. The changes you make to a video or photo on one device are synced automatically with your account and will be reflected across all of your devices. You can work on your project seamlessly whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

3. What sets Lightroom Photo & Video Editor apart in terms of video editing features?

Lightroom is unique in the video editing world because it offers powerful color grading features, customizable presets, and the ability for users to selectively edit specific sections of a video. You can also use the advanced video editing features of the app, including adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation to create professional videos from your computer or mobile device.

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