Last Island Survival APK

Last Island Survival APK Free Download

About Last Island Survival

Last Island Survival APK Free Download Now by clicking on the link below. Rusty survival game. Only the strongest will endure! Last Island – Survival &  Craft, a survival adventure where you can craft your own fate in an open-world environment. Explore this amazing world. Survive by using everything that you can find. To overcome hunger, you can hunt wild animals, catch fish, or collect fruits. Explore the island by car. To survive, mine for resources, and create tools, weapons, clothing, buildings, and more. Discover hidden treasures. Even dive and swim. Enjoy the complete day-night cycle. Uncompromising Survival and World Exploration No instructions. To survive, you can start with nothing. You will need to hunt, craft, or research.

Last Island Survival APK
Last Island Survival APK Free Download


Game Features:

  • Construction of houses and other items
  • Sraft System – Get resources, hunt for useful items or weapons, and then create your own!
  • Day/Nigth Cycle
  • Hardcore Survival Simulator

More About Game

THE TIME HAS COME It’s time to forget your daily problems. Prove that you can survive under any circumstances. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible. Show the world that you are capable of completing any task. Keep calm and craft! Find weapons and construct transport using various materials. Build transport and weapons using different materials. Recall everything you’ve ever learned about chemistry, physics, and mathematics! This is a realistic survival game. Explore a world of stunning beauty and immense scope. Explore vast forests that are home to dangerous wolves and bears. Be careful when hunting animals even rats may cause serious injury! Explore the underwater world and islands!

Last Island Survival APK
Last Island Survival APK Free Download

What’s new in the latest version 1.7.15

Last updated Oct 2, 2023

  • Add a hide button to the interface
  • Fix restart after dead
  • Improve UI
  • Improve Tent model
  • Fix interface bugs
  • Fix localization

Additional Game Information

Latest Version  Request Last Island : Survival & Craft Update1.7.15
Requires Android  Android 6.0+

Last Land Survival FAQs

1. What is the goal of Last Island of Survival?

Your only goal on this post-apocalyptic and remote island is to survive. There are many threats that will stop you from reaching your goal. Hunger and dehydration, dangerous wildlife, opportunistic actors and other mysterious hazards are all present.

2. Can we play Last Island of Survival with friends?

Here is the summary: 1. Give your friend permission to come. 2. To visit your base, your friend will need to enter the player ID into his helicopter operation base.

3. How do you get the blue card on the last island of survival?

Green Cards can be found in Supermarkets and Gas Stations, on the map as well. A reward is guaranteed. Hidden locations must be explored. 

The Blue Cards can be found in the strongholds shown on the map. 

Last Island Survival Free Download Now

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