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Lead legions of soldiers and defend your empire! This addictive Tower Defense game and war strategy will take you to the glory of Rome. Play Grow Empire Rome to turn your small city into the most powerful empire of all time. Upgrade your walls and towers to protect your city against elephants, siege weaponry, and waves of enemy soldiers. Cover the sky in arrows and flames to defend your city. Expand your empire across Europe and Africa by battling the barbarians, Gallic, Iberian, and Carthaginian armies. Grow Empire Rome MOD APK Free Download now the latest version from our website. You can defend your colonies, and you will fill your bank account with gold. Rome wants you to be the leader.

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK
Game Interface

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK Features:

  • You will be tested on your courage and defense by +1500 waves.
  • There are 120 cities to conquer.
  • Test your archer abilities with Tavern Mission Mode.
  • +1000 building upgrades.
  • You can boost your army with 35 different Roman troops.
  • Four enemy factions to test your thirst for victory
  • War elephants and siege weapons!
  • Seven heroes with special abilities to help you overcome all.
  • You can improve your offensive and defensive strategy by using 18 abilities of different levels.
  • 18 offensive and defensive cards that will boost your strategy
  • Conquer the cities of the enemy and get chests filled with cards, gems, potions, and gold!
  • Create an army of invincible heroes, legionaries, and mercenaries.
  • You will become the most feared Caesar ever.
Grow Empire Rome MOD APK
Game Interface 2

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.36.2?

Last updated on Nov 10, 2023.

  • Introducing the Egyptians Weekly Challenge.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version           1.36.2

Requires Android    Android 5.0+

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK FAQs

1. What is the objective of Grow Empire: Rome?

Grow Empire Rome’s main goal is to expand and defend your Roman city against waves of enemies. To strengthen their empire, players must manage resources and recruit and upgrade troops. They also have to conquer new territory. To become a powerful leader, players must expand their empire and defeat various enemies throughout the campaign.

2. How do I earn coins in Grow Empire: Rome?

Grow Empire Rome’s primary currency is coins, which can be obtained through various game activities. To earn coins, players can collect taxes in their city, fight against invaders, or complete quests. Upgrading and maintaining buildings that generate resources, like gold mines can also contribute to a consistent income of coins. To accumulate wealth, you need to manage your resources well and have successful campaigns.

3. What is the importance of upgrading troops in Grow Empire: Rome?

Upgrade troops to make them more powerful in combat. Coins can be used to upgrade various types of units including infantry and archers. Upgraded troops are more powerful, have higher health and damage, and can also be equipped with other features. This gives them a huge advantage when it comes to defending cities and conquering new territory. As the game progresses, strategic troop upgrades will be necessary to defeat increasingly difficult enemies.

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