Gang Wars APK MOD Free Download Latest Version

Gang Wars APK MOD Free Download Latest Version

About Gang Wars APK MOD

Take over the city as a mafia! Grab your guns and fight other gangsters to take control of the city. Welcome to Gang Wars City of Mafia where crime never stops! Gang Wars: City of Mafia and Criminal is a free MMO Strategy game that allows you to be the greatest mafia leader of all time and expand the territory of your gang by recruiting the top gang members. Gang Wars APK MOD free download the latest version from our website. Build your base to prepare for the war. Hire ruthless thugs and join cartels. Ally with rival mafia members to bring down crime lords. Takeover rival territory. Become the Godfather. Gang Wars: City of Mafia and Crime, currently available in English. More languages will be added soon!

Gang Wars APK MOD
Rule The City

Gang Wars APK MOD Features:


You can invest in all kinds of criminal activities. Print money, build factories, open bootleg distilleries, and conspire with your friends in the taverns. Be a gun dealer. Make weapons and bullets. Train your army to battle rival gangs. Heal your gang members in underground clinics.


You can wage war on the rival mafia however you want! Hire gangsters and yakuza enforcers to create your own vicious army.


Use diplomacy to rally your allies and take down powerful criminal syndicates. You can also manipulate rival bosses at the right time. Losing is the only crime in war! Prepare to take control of the underworld.


Hire the most deadly recruits to lead your army. Each has their own special abilities and equipment. You can also level them up so they remain loyal.


Hire black market analysts to find new technologies that will make your troops stronger, your buildings more durable and your operations more profitable. Invest in technology to gain an advantage over your rivals and become the greatest mafia boss of all time.

Gang Wars APK MOD

What’s new in Version 1.0.145?

Last updated on Jan 7, 2020.

  • New activity: “Boss Card.
  • German is now available as a new language.
  • Optimizing the main mission interface.
  • Addition of Skip Button to Stories.
  • Fixtures for general use.

Additional Game Information

Latest Version     1.0.145

Requires Android     Android 4.4+

Gang Wars APK MOD FAQs

1. How do you play gang wars in Idle Mafia?

The Gang Wars are fought at a separate location from the main street. The buildings at the Gang Wars location can be divided into Tier 1 Towers, Tier 2 Towers, and Tier 3. On Defense Day, a gang will send teams of capos up to the towers in order to defend them. You get points for placing capos in towers to defend them.

2. When did Mafia City come out?

Description. Mafia City, a Strategy Game, was developed and published in 2017 by YottaGames.

3. What weapons are in crime life gang wars?

Weapons include lead pipes, baseball bats, and guns.

Gang Wars APK MOD Download Now

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