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About Darkness Rises MOD APK

Explore dungeons and fight demons to become a legendary warrior. Darkness Rises combines stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss fights in a revolutionary Action RPG. The darkness spreads throughout the land and brings with it a horde of ferocious demonic creatures ready to breach your gates. The path is grueling but you will need to persevere in order to defeat this evil. Legendary heroes, such as the Berserker who can destroy the world, and the Wizard with his magic, are all at your disposal. Darkness Rises MOD APK Free Download now the latest version from our website. Character customization allows you to choose from different classes and customize your character.

Darkness Rises MOD APK
Game Lobby

Darkness Rises MOD APK Features:


  • You can hack and slash through demons, hordes, and monsters.
  • You can face the demonic horde alone in single-player mode.
  • Explore dark dungeons at different levels.


  • This Roleplaying Game will test your skills with its challenging boss battles.
  • As you progress deeper into the abyss, PvE combats become more intense.


  • Darkness Rises will immerse you in its world with epic visuals.
  • Fantasy RPG gameplay mechanics: Use the Soul Link to control monsters and make your enemies turn against themselves.
  • Gather your friends to explore menacing, dangerous dungeons in search of rare loot.
  • Join a group of warriors and join a guild.


  • You can create your own character using the Character Creator.
  • The Adventure Content has been updated.
  • The Gear Development System and Guide have been updated.
  • There are now new gear sets.
  • The Awakening and Awakened transfer levels have been extended.
Darkness Rises MOD APK
Game Interface

Additional Game Information

Latest Version     1.69.0

Requires Android    Android 4.4

Darkness Rises MOD APK FAQs

1. Is Darkness Rises a good game?

Darkness Rises is one of the top action RPGs for mobile.

2. How do you unlock camp in Darkness Rises?

Darkness Rises allows you to share your camp with all characters in your account. is available after you have completed adventure stage 7-5. The corresponding tab will be unlocked at the bottom left corner of the main screen. The loading screen will take you to the camp overview once you click on the “Camp” option.

3. How do you upgrade gear in darkness rises?

Is the simplest option. You can upgrade the item’s level by adding fewer items and polishing. You can refine S-type equipment at the blacksmith for massive stat increases.

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