Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK

Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK Free Download

 Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK

The Puzzle & Word Games category of Games & Entertainment contains the free Android app Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK.

Rojeh Maher is the company behind Chloe Puzzle Game development. Its developer has released a version as recently as 20.2.0.

Simply click the green “Continue To App” button above to begin the installation of Chloe Puzzle Game MOD APK on your Android device. Since 2023-07-15, the app has been available on our website and has not received any downloads. Although we have already verified that the download link is secure, we still advise you to run an antivirus scan on the downloaded application for your own peace of mind.

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More than 72 riddles

An addictive pixel puzzle game for Android smartphones that offers a tonne of fascinating challenges alongside endearing characters.

Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK

How to get Chloe Puzzle Game Pro on an Android device

On our website, click the “Continue To App” button.
You can begin the Chloe Puzzle Game’s download and installation as soon as it appears in your Android device’s Google Play listing. To the right of the app icon and beneath the search bar, tap the Install button.

The Chloe Puzzle Game permissions will appear in a pop-up window. In order to proceed, click Accept.

Your device will start to download Chloe Puzzle Game and show its progress.

Key Features Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK:

Adorable Visuals:

Enjoy charming pixel art animations that bring Chloe, Bunny, and their puzzle world to life.

Unique Logic:

Every puzzle introduces a distinctive set of rules and challenges, keeping players engaged and thinking creatively.

Gradual Difficulty Increase:

As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become progressively more challenging, ensuring a satisfying and evolving gameplay experience.

Hints for Assistance:

Each level comes with a hint to assist players who may find themselves stuck. Use your strategic thinking to make your way to the Target.

Chloe Puzzle Game Pro MOD APK

Retro Appeal:

Immerse yourself in a nostalgic experience with smooth and beautifully handcrafted pixel art animations.

Engaging Gameplay:

The puzzles may be easy to understand and play, but solving them requires clever puzzle-solving skills, leading to those satisfying ‘AHA!’ moments.

Advantages of Chloe and Bunny’s Puzzle Adventure:

Adorable and Playful Design:

The simple and playful visuals featuring Chloe and Bunny add an endearing quality to the game.

Unique and Varying Difficulties:

The puzzles offer a variety of challenges, testing players’ strategy, Sokoban skills, and more.

Diverse Challenges:

The puzzles go beyond typical mechanics, incorporating elements like experimenting with mechanical toys, requiring tactical thinking, and fostering improvisation, providing a rich and diverse gameplay experience.

Gradual Difficulty Increase:

The increasing difficulty with each level adds a sense of progression and ensures a challenging experience for players looking to test and improve their puzzle-solving skills.

Hint System:

The inclusion of a hint for each level offers assistance to players facing challenges, promoting accessibility and reducing potential frustration.

Smooth Retro Pixel Art Animations:

The handcrafted pixel art animations contribute to a visually pleasing and nostalgic gaming experience

Easy to Understand and Play:

The game’s simplicity in terms of understanding and gameplay makes it accessible to a broad audience.


Subjective Difficulty:

Those looking for a more laid-back gaming experience may become frustrated if they find the difficulty progression to be excessively steep.

Restricted replayability:

Because there are only 72 puzzles in the game, players might finish it quickly, which could lower replayability over the long run.

Niche Appeal:

The game may only appeal to a certain demographic due to its emphasis on pixel art puzzles.


  1. Engaging Puzzle Solving: The core characteristic of the game is the engaging.
  2. Nostalgic Aesthetic: The retro-inspired pixel art animations contribute to a nostalgic aesthetic, appealing to players who enjoy classic gaming visuals.
  3. Accessible Gameplay: The game’s easy-to-understand mechanics make it accessible to a wide range of players.
  4. Limited Content: The 72 unique puzzles contribute to a finite amount of content, which may be considered either an advantage.
  5. Assistance Feature: The inclusion of hints provides a helpful feature for players facing challenges.



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