The official mobile football game “Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK” is based on the “Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK” IP. In addition to reenacting the intense fight tales, reliving the thrill of football battles, and mastering amazing football moves, players may take control of characters such as Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga.

The officially licenced mobile football game “Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK” recreates the beloved “Captain Tsubasa” IP in a gaming setting. Players can take control of well-known characters from the series, like Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi, to execute incredible football manoeuvres and relive thrilling action sequences.



Table of Contents

  • All of the players ranked in the CAPTAIN TSUBASA:
  • ACE Tier List; Ranking
  • Which Players on the CAPTAIN TSUBASA
  • Conclusion of CAPTAIN TSUBASA
  • ACE Reroll Steps

ACE Tier List of Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK; Ranking

The four ranks listed below are used to categorise each player in our CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE character list based on their skill level.

Tier A:

Like tier S, rank A players are also adaptable, but not as much. However, these are also some of the best options you can depend on to win handily and make a fantastic match.

Tier B:

Players’ average level is displayed under rank B, and you may need to

should exert more effort managing them and maximising their performance for the fights.

Tier C:

This rank is incredibly weak in terms of stats and will not contain any of the talented players from the game Captain Subbasa: Ace.

Tier S:

Players at this rank are the most proficient and adaptable across all stat categories. We advise everyone to use these ranked players if they’re searching for a talented player to lead their football matches.

Which Players on the CAPTAIN TSUBASA: Ace MOD APK

Here is a complete rundown of the top players on our CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE player list.

Ken – Ken can give you the best boost in stamina, so you should rely on him if you’re searching for the best goalie. With Ken in goal, you will outscore the players of your opponent in terms of stats because he will give his all throughout the game to fulfil the role of keeper.

The best forward on the team, Tachibana, is adept at dribbling, passing, and shooting. He can also improve his team’s technique as a whole. However, you will be raising your goal chance with him to an extremely high level.



The opponent goalkeepers may drop their balls when playing Nitta, a fantastic forward with the best skill boots. He can also lessen the opposition’s goalie’s endurance, and he and Nitta will have fantastic dribbling together.


When it comes to shooting, dribbling, and interception, Misugi is unmatched. When dealing with the strongest opponents, you can use him as a defender. Misugi is able to defend himself from these opponents’ attempts to tackle him by skillfully dribbling.

ACE Reroll Steps

You must follow the CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE reroll procedures in order to add the aforementioned top players from the tier list to your roster. If you’re unsure how to do this, allow us to walk you through it.

Be sure you are using a guest account when you log into the CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE game MOD APK.


Key features

IP with an official licence:

The game has an official licence and properly recreates the original “Captain Tsubasa” series settings.

Real-time Combat and Strategic Formations:

“Captain Tsubasa: Ace” features two unique game modes, Ace Showdown and Dream League. While Ace Showdown concentrates on in-the-moment action, Dream League mode stresses strategic formations. Whether they want to play with real-time excitement or strategic preparation, players can select their own gaming style.

Various gaming options:

To keep players interested, the game offers a variety of gaming options. Whether you’re more interested in fast-paced action or strategic planning  you can also download Football 2.

Entire Player List Of Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK :

The game includes a long list of well-known players from the “Captain Tsubasa MOD APK” series. Players such as Ryo Ishizaki, Taro Misaki, Kojiro Hyuga, and Tsubasa Ozora are prepared to play.

Recreate of iconic tales Captain Tsubasa: Ace MOD APK

“Captain Tsubasa: Ace” authentically retells the animation series’ iconic tales. With stunning 3D visuals, the game depicts youth-filled moments, everyday aspirations, and other unique settings. Players can pursue their common football dream while reliving the passion and feelings of the original series.

Codes for Captain Tsubasa Aces

To use these codes in Captain Tsubasa: Ace, just take these easy steps:

On your device, launch Captain Tsubasa Ace.
Navigate to the settings menu.

Select the “Basic” tab, then press the bottom-mounted “Redemption Code” button.
One code at a time, paste or enter, and then redeem
You have a tonne of goodies there. When entering these codes, keep in mind that they are case-sensitive, so proceed with caution.


And that marks the end of our CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE tier list. Make sure that you are using the best and most skilled heroes in your gameplay, as that is how you can take the matches to your hands. We hope that this guide can help you select the best players for this assured victory.


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