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About Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK

Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D is an advanced simulation for Android. We have spent years at i6 Games perfecting the best plane simulation for the player. We’re thrilled to finally give you the chance to play our exciting new flight simulator! Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D 2015. Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK Free Download now the latest version from our website. Prepare yourself for the excitement of controlling and flying an aircraft commercial. You can fly the plane safely and on time with the realistic cockpit controls.

Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK
Game Lobby

Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK Features:

  • Realistic airplane cockpit environment.
  • The game has all the controls necessary to enhance the experience.
  • This game has 20 exclusive levels that are entertaining and unique (more levels will be added soon!)
  • A vast, detailed, open world (including 7 tropical islands, Urban City and Farmlands),
  • Airports and buildings of high quality
  • Accelerometers are used for tilt controls.
  • Interact with real-life functional instruments in airplanes
  • Unique reward system for gameplay
  • Analog sounds and lighting of a commercial plane and its environment
  • Amazing on-board cameras capture every angle of a plane
  • Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D uses real-world simulated elements.
  • Weather Forecast: Clear Sky, Rain, Thunderstorms
  • Turbulence
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • Smoke and plane crash effects.
Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK
Airplane Functions

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.29?

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023.

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

Additional Game Information

Latest Version        1.29

Requires Android      Android 5.1+

Airplane Pilot Sim MOD APK FAQs

1. What are the key features of Airplane Pilot Sim?

Airplane Pilot Sim is a realistic flight simulator that offers a variety of aircraft, such as commercial jets and propeller planes. The game includes detailed 3D graphics with dynamic weather and challenging missions. Players can also enjoy an open-world environment, with cities, airports, and landscapes.

2. How can I improve my piloting skills in Airplane Pilot Sim?

Absolutely! Airplane Pilot si provides a comprehensive tutorial system that covers the basics of takeoff and landing, navigation, and advanced flying techniques. Online forums and communities allow players to share their tips, tricks, and strategies. You can improve your virtual piloting skills by practicing in the free flight mode.

3. Can I customize and upgrade my aircraft in the Airplane Pilot Sim?

Airplane Pilot Sim allows for a lot of customization. The player can select from different liveries and paint schemes. The game also offers upgrades and mods that will improve your plane’s performance, speed, handling, and more. These customization options can be purchased with the in-game currency you earn by completing missions.

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