Airbuds Widget app MOD APK

Airbuds Widget app MOD APK Free Download

 Airbuds Widget app MOD APK

With the help of the new Airbuds Widget app MOD APK  for your home screen, you can discover new music ideas and see what your friends are playing. It’s a “widget for best friends to share their listening activity,” according to the App Store description. You can view what your friends are listening to directly on your home screens with the Airbuds Widget.

Overview the Airbuds Widget app

The Airbuds Widget MOD APK is a home screen widget that lets you discover new music via your friends and see what they’re listening to. The purpose of the app is to make you feel more connected to your friends by letting you hear the music they are currently enjoying.

How To Install Airbuds Widget App

You must first download and install the Airbuds Widget app from the App Store in order to use it. Following installation, you must link the app to your Spotify account. Other music streaming services, like Apple Music, are incompatible with the app.

Uses of Airbuds Widget app

Once your Spotify account is connected, you can begin adding friends to the app. You can add friends by sharing your invite link on Snapchat or any other social media platform after selecting the “Invite your friends” button. To view the entire activity on the app, you must have at least one friend.

  •  Open the App Store and download the Airbuds Widget app.
    Set up the application on your gadget.
  •  Create an account on Apple Music or Spotify.
  • Invite friends who aren’t on the app and add them as friends.
  •  To add the Airbuds Widget to your home screen, tap and hold the screen.
  •  Press the plus sign and look up “Airbuds.”
  •  Select Add Widget by tapping on it.

Features of Airbuds Widget app

1. Evolution and Accessibility:

The June 2023 release of the Air Buds Widget Assistant, created by SOFBALK, offers a novel viewpoint on social music engagement.

2. Get Statistics:

The app has received about 4.4 thousand downloads in the last 30 days, indicating that users are becoming more interested in its distinctive features.

 Airbuds Widget app MOD APK

3. Positioning:

Air Buds Widget Assistant stands out as a creative participant in the entertainment app market even though it isn’t presently ranked among the best.

4.User Evaluations:

Based on 670 ratings, user feedback has contributed to a rating of 3.37 out of 5 stars.

5. Most recent information:

On June 17, 2023, the app underwent its most recent update, guaranteeing that users would continue to gain from enhancements and new features.

6. Rating for Content:

The Air Buds Widget Assistant is inclusive and appropriate for users of all ages.

7. APK Specifics:

The 4.28 MB size of the APK download guarantees a quick and easy download process. You can also Download Adventure Games.

8. Cost:

The Air Buds Widget Assistant can be downloaded for free.

With the help of Air Buds Widget Assistant, go on an adventure filled with shared experiences and musical connections.

Important characteristics:

Discovering Music:

Discover new music via your friends’ listening preferences, forging a special and communal musical journey.

Linking Via Audio:

Listening to music that your friends are into in real time can help you build a stronger sense of community.

Integration with Spotify:

To access all of the app’s features, simply connect it to your Spotify account.


Improved Social Bonding:

Through common musical experiences, you can fortify your social ties and forge a special kind of connection.

 Airbuds Widget app MOD APK

Real-Time Melody Analysis:

Use the app’s real-time activity feed to stay up to date on your friends’ current musical tastes.


Limited Support for Music Streaming:

The app is currently only compatible with Spotify; users of other music streaming services are not supported.


the Airbuds Widget app MOD APK combines the joy of shared melodies with social connections to present a novel take on music discovery. Even though the app’s compatibility with Spotify is currently limited, its benefits for promoting social connections make it a unique option for music lovers looking for a more immersive experience.

Does Spotify Work With The Airbuds Widget?

In a short amount of time, a brand-new widget app called Airbuds Widget has become incredibly popular.  But because it’s new, not many people are aware of which music streaming services work with the app.

The key feature of an app that is so readily available to you is made possible by widgets.


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